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I am a Post-doctoral Research Associate at the Institute of Political Science, University of Luxembourg working on a project titled “ELWar – Electoral Legacies of War: Political Competition in Postwar Southeast Europe” funded by the ERC Starting Grant, and led by Professor Josip Glaurdić. Prior to joining the university in October 2017, I was a Visiting Fulbright Scholar at the Department of Political Science, Yale University (2017), a Cvachovec Fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto (2017), and a Research Fellow at the International Institute of Political Science, Masaryk University (2012-2017). My research focuses on the existing challenges to democracy in Central and Eastern Europe with special emphasis on election-related conflicts, political violence and modern forms of authoritarian rule. I am the author of Electoral Violence in the Western Balkans. From Voting to Fighting and Back (Routledge; 2017) and a co-author of Challenges to Democracies in East Central Europe (Routledge; 2016). My papers on electoral violence and democratization have been published in a variety of international peer-reviewed journals (e.g. Terrorism and Political Violence, Journal of International Relations and Development, Democracy and Security, Journal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies or World Political Science).

Selected papers

Power-sharing and Democratization in Africa: The Kenyan Experience co-authored by Adam Drnovský in Journal of International Relations and Development (online; July 2018).

A case for global democracy? Arms exports and conflicting goals in democracy promotion co-authored by Pavel Dufek in Journal of International Relations and Development (online; October 2017).


Fighting and Voting: Mapping Electoral Violence in the Region of Post-Communist Europe in Terrorism and Political Violence, 30 (4) (July 2018).


Explaining Electoral Violence in Serbia: fsQCA Analysis of Contentious Behavior in the Electoral Arena in Democracy and Security, 12 (4) (October 2016)

Journal_SEBSS Democratization and electoral violence in post-communism. A study of Montenegro in Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, 15 (1) (March 2015).