Michal Mochťak, Ph.D.

Research Associate
IPS, University of Luxembourg

Work experience

  • 10/2017 – present Research Associate, Institute of Political Science, University of Luxembourg (Project: Electoral Legacies of War: Political Competition in Postwar Southeast Europe; link)
  • 3/2012 – 12/2017 Research Fellow, International Institute of Political Science, Masaryk University
  • 4/2015 – 12/2016 Advocacy Officer, People in Need
  • 8/2013 – 12/2015 Research Specialist, Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University
  • 9/2011 – 5/2015 Analyst; MSP Coordinator, Amnesty International Czech Republic

Visiting Appointments and Fellowships

  • 1/2017  8/2017 Fulbright Scholar, Department of Political Science, Yale University
  • 4/2017 Cvachovec Fellow, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto
  • 12/2012  10/2013 Visiting Research Fellow, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade
  • 1/2011  6/2011 Erasmus Scholarship; Centre for Conflict Studies, Utrecht University

Other professional activities

  • 1/2017  present Editor of Panorama of the Global Security Environment, STRATPOL, Bratislava
  • 1/2015 – 9/2017 Researcher, Institute of Asian Studies, Bratislava
  • 1/2016 – 12/2016 Secretary, Group for Human Rights and Democracy, Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of the Czech Republic
  • 1/2016 – 12/2016 Member, Working group on Human Rights and Business, Government of the Czech Republic; nominated by People in Need.
  • 6/2014 – 12/2016 Consultant, Analyst, Amnesty International Slovakia, Bratislava
  • 5/2015 – 12/2016 Consultant, Analyst, Amnesty International Czech Republic, Prague
  • 6/2012 – 3/2015 Project Manager; Co-founder, Centre for Security Analyses and Prevention (
  • 8/2013 – 6/2014 Analyst; MSP Coordinator, Amnesty International Slovakia.


  • Ph.D. in Political Science, Masaryk University (summa cum laude), 20112015
  • MA in Security and Strategic Studies, Masaryk University (summa cum laude), 20092012
  • MA in Political Science, Masaryk University (summa cum laude), 20092011
  • BA in Political Science, Masaryk University, 20062009

Areas of Interest

  • Democratization; Post-communist countries
  • Conflicts; Political violence; Electoral violence


  • QCA; configurational comparative methods (R)
  • Social Network Analysis (SNA) (R, Gephi, UCINET)
  • Data Mining (R)
  • NLP and computational content analysis (R)
  • R programming


  • Fulbright Scholarship (Fulbright Scholar), Yale University (2016/2017)
  • Jan Hus Educational Foundation Scholarship for Excellent Young Scholars (2015)
  • Dean’s Award for Best Student of Doctoral Programmes at the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University (2015)
  • Dean’s Award for Best Student of Master Degree Programme Security and Strategic Studies (2010)

Research grants

  • “Electoral Violence in the Western Balkans: From Voting to Fighting and Back”; funding granted by GAMU, Research Support Programme, category “Excellent results”; period 1/2017 – 12/2017; position: principal investigator.
  • “Mapping the electoral violence in Post-communist Europe”; project funded as a part of “Specific research” grant provided by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic and Masaryk University (MUNI/A/1110/2015); period 3/2016 – 3/2017; position: principal investigator.
  • “Contemporary challenges of democracy in East Central Europe”; funding granted by the Czech Science Foundation (GAP408/11/0709); period: 2010-2015; position: researcher.

Selected Conferences (with active participation)

  • 2018 ECPR General Conference 2016, Hamburg; paper: Understanding Electoral Violence Through Complex Textual Data: 20 Years of OSCE Monitoring Missions.
  • 2018 Election Violence Research Workshop, Amsterdam; paper: Institutional Preconditions of Election-related Violence in the Western Balkans.
  • 2016 ECPR General Conference 2016, Prague; paper: Who Can Support Human Rights and Democracy Agenda in the Foreign Policy of the Czech Republic? Social-Network Analysis of Potential Human Rights Proponents in the Chamber of Deputies.
  • 2014 ECPR Graduate Student Conference 2014, Innsbruck; paper: Electoral Violence in Various Contexts: Concepts and Causes.
  • 2014 Conference „Demokratizace a Lidská práva“, Brno; paper: Violence in the Name of Democracy: Political Transformation in the CEE at the Beginning of 21st Century.
  • 2012 IV. International Symposium „Česká zahraniční politika“, Prague; paper: Conflicting Goals in Democracy Promotion.
  • 2012 VIII. Political Science Symposium, Prague; paper: Position of Elections in the Process of Democratization: the Case of Egypt.

Professional associations

  • ECPR Standing Group on South East Europe
  • ECPR Standing Group on Political Violence

Lecturing & Teaching

  • Courses at Masaryk University
    Transformation Cooperation in Practice (2016 – 2017)
    Democratization and Democracy in ECE (EN) (2014 – 206)
    Research of Democratization (2014 – 2016)
    Theory of Democratization (2012 – 2016)
    Modern Authoritarianism: Undemocratic Rule in the 21st Century (2016)
    Remodelling Political Culture in Central Europe after 1989 (2015)
    Democratization in practice (2013 – 2014)
  • Summer schools
    International Relations and Threats to Global Security (2016)
    World in Transition and Central European Transformation: Lessons (2012 – 2016)

Professional Certificates

  • Negotiation (PricewaterhouseCoopers, Prague, Czech Republic, 2015)
  • Power and Dynamic of Civil Resistance (ICNC/Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, 2012)
  • Qualitative Comparative Analysis (training in set-theoretic methods; lecturer: Carsten Q. Schneider; Masaryk University/Central European University; Brno, Czech Republic, 2012)
  • Organization, Management and Project Management of Research and Development – project PREFEKT; lifelong learning, specialized education (Masaryk University; Brno, Czech Republic, 2012)
  • National Minorities and Border Regions (ECMI/EURAC/University of Southern Denmark; Flensburg, Germany, 2011)
  • Certificate of STO (Short Term Observer) (granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovak Republic and MEMO98; Bratislava, Slovakia, 2010)
  • Certificate of summer school “Liberty camp” (The Language of Liberty Institute, Arizona and INESS; Bratislava, Slovakia, 2009)
  • Nonviolent transformation of conflicts and principles of development and change (PDCS; Bratislava, Slovakia, 2008)
  • Project development and project management (Masaryk University; Brno, Czech Republic, 2007)
  • The legal aspects of project management (Masaryk University; Brno, Czech Republic, 2007)


  • English language (full professional proficiency)
  • Czech language (full professional proficiency)
  • Serbian Language (limited working proficiency)
  • German language (elementary proficiency)
  • Slovak language (native or bilingual proficiency)